Monday, September 8, 2014

Natalie and Brett got Hitched in Reno, NV

A really cute couple Natalie and Brett are my cousins and they got married in Reno.  They chose to get married in the new chapel in Grand Sierra Resort also known as GSR.  Since they are family, I offered my services as a gift to them.  They informed me that GSR includes a photographer in their wedding package and would charge them extra to use their own photographer.  I have run into this before with a Tahoe Wedding that did this too and all their pictures were way too under exposed, causing all their pictures to be very dark.  I ended up having to fix them just so the bride could get some prints made. Besides the fact that they only cover a small amount of before and after the ceremony, missing out on several photo opportunities. As a bride, you have no control over the quality of your photographer, their experience, etc. when you accept an included photographer, and it can't be done again.  I, as a photographer and knowing about the disaster the last wedding with "included photographer", asked a bunch of questions to Natalie.  I wanted to respect their decision to use this venue, but wanted to be sure they got some images they loved too.  She told me if she wanted to hire or use her own photographer the venue would charge her $200 extra.  Who has ever heard of this?? They should give her a discount not charge her more.  She told me they were really strict but family would be allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, only if they stayed in their seat.  Ok, I can work with that, No problem, I thought.  I also offered to do some after at a separate location for them.  They found a very nice park nearby we were able to use.  I am so glad we did this as Natalie reported to me that their "included photographer's" pictures came out horrible and out of the 100+ images they took there was only one good one.  If you are a bride considering a venue that forces you to use their "included photographer", I highly recommend you either look elsewhere, or refuse to use that service and hire your own photographer.  Yes it will cost more but cheaper isn't always the best practice, especially for your once in a lifetime events. Here are a few of my favorite photos that I took, they wouldn't have, if they just used the "included photographer".

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